Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ferocious Oaks + everything

i couldn't find an entirely satisfactory video, but...i love this band. i can't believe i didn't discover them when i was in utah. if you watch nothing else, please watch from 2:20 to the end. the drums, mostly. but also the tambourines and the soulful moaning and the....ahhh.

this also makes me miss velour. something about their lighting brings everything a little bit closer to its true magical potential.

as for life, there are plenty of good things going on, and suffice it to say i am happy. and more than that, i am peaceful. i have SUCH joy and hope for the present and the future and all of us (us being the "now us" but also including all those who will eventually come into our lives and change them and be changed by them).

i have this little theory sometimes that when Heavenly Father is feeling particularly desirous to express his love for me (and you and all of you), he choreographs a ballet just for me (and you and all of you). like...a breathtaking thunderstorm over a blazing sunset. or a moth landing on my hand. or a meaningful glance shared by strangers. little miracles. gifts.

and more and more, these miracles manifest themselves. i hope in some way i can help make the world more miraculous for other people....that i can play some part in this ballet.

everything is so perfectly flawed. there is just the right amount of dissonance to make this the most groundbreaking and heavenly symphony to ever exist. and here it is, and here we are, a part of it. surrounded by it, swimming in the music, dancing among the constellations, veritably flying.

i am i am i am i am
we are we are we are we are
this is this is this is this is

and my gratitude is endless.

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