Monday, September 27, 2010

hello teacher, tell me, what's my lesson?

i love my logic professor. some of the reasons for this are:

*he is my logic professor.
*he is maybe the oldest man alive.
*he wrote on the projector screen, thinking it was the white board. now there is a green blur in the corner of it for all eternity.
*he looks so much like a monkey, i almost believe in evolution now.
*he has the gentlest of voices.
*his curriculum combines math and sentence structure.
*he told us openly how much he hates his boss.
*he makes jokes using terms like algorithm and aristotelian theory.
*the other students stare blankly at him.
*he misplaced his watch during our class hour.
*he says, "if you're not following hell with it."

golly, i love school.


  1. ha. indeed. oh they're sooo good!

  2. i just peed my pants laughing. well i cried at least i was laughing so hard. i miss you. your wit and wisdom. i am loving your blog and i LOVE oregon! it is such a gorgeous place. i admire you for taking the plunge and finding goodness in each step of this journey. you are beautiful. and i imagine so is your imaginary friend too. :)