Friday, September 24, 2010


the sun was out today!

i went to the best buy to purchase a camera cord, so now you can all see the glory i live in. first, a few photographs of the trip here:

my final utah sunset, just before crossing into idaho.

3 am and struggling to stay awake

this is, ironically, the columbia river gorge. which i have been told repeatedly i need to drive while i'm out here, and it was unexpectedly a part of my charted course...but it was just before dawn, so i saw nothing but silhouettes.

AND NOW, my friends, my forest home!

jacco quite likes his corner of the woodland, as well.

i drove into portland today for the first time, partially to kill time and partially hoping i might come across something useful like my school or that enormous bookstore. instead i just meandered about, not daring to look for parking. i turned when i desired to turn, and somehow miraculously did not get lost. instead, i found washington park and what i assume was the hoyt arboretum, for i wandered in the trees for hours (in the middle of the city, mind you!) oh, the glory.

discovered this joy of a spider...

then this one....

....and then i began to realize that these particular spiders exist EVERYWHERE. on the side of every road, sometimes near my feet and sometimes above my head (often in front of my face). the fascination stopped immediately as the disgust settled in.

finally, a bit of exploring around my home:

i love the ones that live in this house:

all the roads here look like this. i am in constant disbelief.

i miss you all desperately. i had movie night with my invisible and imaginary friend tonight (we watched a beautiful mind), but he wasn't feeling very talkative, so it was still quite lonely. just call me if you ever want to get a pizza and go to a park.

good night, my deers!


  1. You're making me jealous and homesick. Except I LOVE my life right now, but man there's almost nowhere more beautiful than my corner of the world up there where you are. Keep the pictures coming, it's bittersweet for me to see them, but definitely more sweet than bitter. You're going to love it there. I think P-Town is perfect for you in all its quirkiness!

  2. oy, thanks, deer! i do so love it. i do i do. and you are quite wonderful; i'm glad your life is also!

  3. oh my gosh. you really did find your soul-home. i'm so happy for you. and i hate cat spiders. that's what they are. keep the gorgeous pictures coming!

  4. At long last you get a blog! I think Meg and I have been waiting for years . . . haha I love you. I want you near. But you can't be right now, so I'll accept that. And your home is a tree-born wonderland. I love it.

  5. Yes yes keep the pics coming! I have to live vicariously!