Thursday, October 7, 2010


i need access to a piano.

ALSO. ... no, no, i didn't actually have anything to say there.

i discovered a few years back that it is shockingly simple to start a round of applause. you should try it someday. i realized this during a high school assembly, when the entire crowd would spontaneously break out in cheering and howling, seemingly unrelated to what was happening onstage. I decided to conduct an experiment, and so i did. I waited until it had been silent for almost a minute, and then, without preamble, clapped loudly and shouted, "WOOOOOO!" This could have been embarrassing, but lucky for me, my hypothesis was correct and humans are, in fact, ridiculously easily influenced. the auditorium erupted with noise, and after it died down, all went on as usual. no one was the wiser. and it has never failed me.

out of boredom, i conducted the same experiment in my improv class. in a setting so conducive to clapter (it exists), i knew it would be effective. and so it was. each time a student entered the classroom, a round of applause broke out. each time someone started to get slightly self-deprecating, we cheered for them. and no one ever knew they were being tested. humans are glorious.

some times i would NOT suggest trying this: at church (i have accidentally done so before, and no one joins in. no one.). at a funeral. maybe. i suppose that one depends. in a bathroom? no, actually, someone should definitely try that. report back to me.

i have 2 job interviews this week. please please please.

i could say a lot or a little at this moment. i'll make it easier by leaving it at a little. have a lovely evening.

Oh, and everybody in Antigone and King Arthur, break legs!


  1. Hey, I had two interviews today. Look at us go.

  2. I love spiderwebs. Just saying.

  3. well there are PLENTY of them here. One more gram on the Portland side of the scale.