Tuesday, October 26, 2010

the things i ramble about.

i think i'm going to start doing a song of the day. because i'll never be able to share all of them.

i don't always know why. like today, it is nightswimming by r.e.m.

while you listen... i had the following conversation with a man in my linguistics class:

him: So...what do you think of this class?
me: i LOVE it. [insert long-winded explanation of how fascinated i am by grammar, syntax, and the various theories regarding the origin of language]. what about you?
him: (long pause)...I guess i feel very differently. (long pause)
me: i take it you don't like the class? why not?
him: well, we're focusing on the theories rather than the outcome.
me: but we already know the outcome. why would we focus on that?
him: why theorize about it?
me: because there's so much we don't know! there's so much we've yet to discover.
him: we know enough.

i am offended.

and because damon just texted me about raccoons, this:

did you know my dad once had a pet raccoon named trouble? did you know my dad is the most awesome human?

by the by. i apologize for ever feeling sad about my life. about anything, really. because i honestly honestly have a remarkable life. i am blessed with the BEST friends and family...thank you. punch me in the mouth if i complain. i have no reason.

thank you for being you. thank you for being alive. thank you for sharing your life with me. thank you for wearing a seatbelt.


  1. I don't usually wear a seatbelt.. I guess I could start though..

  2. you have to. i am not joking even a little.

  3. I have been grading Econ 1500 assignments for the past while (as I am a teaching aide - did I tell you this?), and I just thought, "Hey, I miss that Erin. I texted her today a bit, but I still miss her. Wait - she has a gorgeous blog!" So I came here and got all caught up on your glorious pictures and thoughts and wonder. But this is the entry I choose to comment on, because I am appalled at your fellow linguistics student's narrow-mindedness. What a stupid!

    I await Thanksgiving and your visit with much excitement! Also, I may have another story for you to read for my Creative Non-Fiction Writing class soon-ish. I'm going a different route this time, but I still really like my topic, so I just know that the "educator" of the course will try to kill it again. I will need your positive energy surging through me so that her negativity won't destroy me.

    This comment is long. I can never have a Twitter account.