Friday, October 22, 2010


<<--well, this exists. check out the artist's lovely etsy shop. i love gob. and franklin. I NEED SEASON 3!!! come on, hulu.

some days you realize just how fortunate you are. some days it's impossible to forget, and you hope you never do. i think more than anything, what i've learned in the last month is that there truly are no limits on what you can do. it may not be easy, and you may not know AT ALL what you are doing, but it's anything but impossible.

every time in the past when i've visited a beautiful new place, i marveled constantly that "people live here!" it seemed such a distant possibility, to truly do the things i dreamt of doing, to go the places i dreamt of going.

but i live here. i do. i wake up every morning 800 miles away from my origins. i live here. i work here. i go to school in portland. and it's not so much a matter of environment (though the forest does fill me with gleeful disbelief) as astonishment that i have this much control over my life. we are not victim to circumstance. i'm not saying to throw away all reason....well, maybe i am. just--never feel limited by what your life is. because it can be anything you make it. truly truly. UGH, that came out so cheesy. please know in my heart it is anything but.

i have acquired skype. ahem. act accordingly.

i am realizing as my tied-for-favorite holiday draws near that i am probably going to spend it alone. because, let's face it, going to an uncomfortable social gathering is far worse than no gathering at all. at least for an introvert. but i'm thinking i'll throw a pretty radical party with my imaginary friends....OR i could dress as a ghost and haunt the streets and cemeteries of lake oswego. that's an idea.

I do have one final thing to add, and this is vitally important, and directly related to you! I have purchased plane tickets. and i am COMING TO UTAH for thanksgiving and a few surrounding days. do with that what you will. i won't have jacco with me, so i'll be a tad stranded, but i'm willing to hitchhike. pencil me in is what i'm saying, in essence.

what are your halloween plans? how is autumn in utah??? what breathes life into your soul? i want to hear about your world, world. are you still there?


  1. Ahaha! Oh my, that's ART right there. Wait- when until when are you going to be here?!?!?!?!

  2. Autumn is disappointing to most, but I'm finding it grand. It's been warm so the leaves changed late, but I like that some of the trees in Provo have partially changed. There are reds in that town that pop quite well.

  3. autumn in utah is truly glorious. those red mountains!!! i'm glad you're finding it grand.