Wednesday, January 26, 2011

remember spring swaps snow for leaves

what a joyful existence ever i lead! thank you thank you!'s been a really good week. i have few words, because of this. :)

oh, quick shout-out to BYU for their INCREDIBLE game tonight (!!!), which i had multiple sources narrating to me via phone. Go Cougars! ....i am entertained by sports, from time to time.

i'm kind of in love with my new job. i'm not sure i come across that way, as i'm usually functioning on about two hours of sleep due to DSPS insomnia....but i actually really do love my job. i love filing....and desks....and date-stamps....i love feeling productive and not being dehumanized.

so i recently challenged damon to a duel of the playlists, the theme being "colours" and the length 13 tracks. the results are below. you may partake of them. please do. and happy wednesday. and happy birthday to my sister rose! and happy.

quite happy.


  1. I'm a tad addicted to your blog! Good stories, written about my hometown, and it makes me want to return and relive that part of my younger self. Love it. AND you provide me with beautiful listening music with almost each post. Thank you for the tunes, and stories.


  2. oh, i thank you, jackie! i'm glad i can assist in your reminiscing and listening needs. :)