Thursday, January 27, 2011


***She edged her way out from behind the parapet of her inhibition, eyes nervously darting in every direction. Every direction but behind, because that was an insignificant and shadowed place that held neither danger nor progress. Nostalgia never moved anything forward.

Lights sped by with dizzying velocity. Every encounter, coloured by the Doppler effect, felt like an almost imperceptible brush. And yet all the same, she sensed the peril the scene held if she were to move any closer. She was hoping to, for a few moments at least, simply observe. To plot her plot, and chart the safest course to the other side. But she hadn't anticipated the other set of eyes. Before she could prepare, he had caught her attention. And she, perhaps, had caught his as well. There, across the black and treacherous highway, boldly connecting with her own gaze, he waited. And she stepped into the light.

With one wrong step it would all be over. One of the great beasts let out a wail of warning as it flew past. She skittered back into the safety of the waiting forest, but couldn't help stopping. Couldn't help looking over her shoulder. see. To her great delight and trepidation, he was stepping over that great white line, toward her. She could see him more clearly now. Though his stance conveyed fearlessness, there was a quiver in his movement, an uncertain something in his look. And she was drawn to him.

Seconds felt like years as the crossing began. Each moment, her anticipation grew, and in parallel, so did her terror. They darted in tandem, realizing with each leap how very far apart they were, and how very hazardous their need for closeness was. If she could only look away, she could watch for traffic, could protect herself from the fatal blow. But his faith lent itself to her, and they flung themselves forward gracelessly. How very wide this highway was!

And then, before she could remember to inhale, a blinding flash of light, and there was no time to move. This was the end or it was the beginning. And it didn't much seem to matter now.***

oh, and this, of course:

when water comes to life by cloud cult.

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