Monday, December 27, 2010


life soundtrack. click for music.

i think of most comedies as tragedies.

i cry over everyone's life but almost never my own.

i want to believe.

i want to be as nonchalant as i pretend to be.

more than anything, i want you to be happy.

i wish i knew how to make that happen.

i want to feel like it's okay to feel something without a reason for feeling that way.

i want to feel like it's okay to feel.

i'm afraid i will someday feel nothing at all.

we are walking contradictions.

i fear very few tangible things.

i am a hypocrite of optimism.

i worry about people dying. i worry about people losing hope.

i never lose hope in people.

i don't think life is a joke, but i think it has to be a satire of itself if we want to survive it.

i apologize when i don't know how to make something funny (i'm sorry).

i have secrets.

{i desperately miss the person i have yet to know.}

...everything is okay.