Monday, December 6, 2010


so maybe this is turning into a music blog. maybe i am turning into a music blog.

the truth is that i am swirling in the in-between. there are moments of our lives....moments that sometimes span weeks or years, that very clearly represent something meaningful. something big and powerful. a cymbal's crash. a mountain peak. these are the moments we live for. these are the moments in which we live.

and then there is the rest of the time.

the in-between. limbo.

we spend our time writing stories of adventure and yearning for the day in which such adventure will exist yet again (and to a greater degree, for life's adventures are on a steep incline).

and we write these stories in first-person plural, because to objectify, to universalize, lessens the fear of this limbo lasting forever. when we call it a part of life, a part of everyone's life, it feels somehow less consuming in its blanket existence.

i've just come off a year of intense mountain climbing, and now here i am, floating in the void. and it's frustrating. all intense emotions are absent and i'm left with a sense of reluctant peace to carry me over for the time being, until the next burst of screaming-light-thrill.

every day is an adventure. i know that. and i create that with my actions.

but the great vat of passion inside of me is temporarily without destination. temporarily. i know that. and sooner than later, i will be swirling again in the great eddy of complication and love, of laughter and pain and growth, and perhaps a part of me will miss this void. but something tells me i won't.

oh, wild world, take me away.

what i do have, what i can give my fire and zeal to, is art. is music. things that inspire. things that will climb mountains with me when there is no one around strong enough, full enough, to climb alongside me.

what are your mountains, world?

(try as i might, i miss you. and i'm not ashamed of that. to be without longing would be true emptiness.)

is your great adventure in full swing, or are you in limbo? what colour is the rain that paints your white landscape? where does it come from? who does it drench? what does it smell of? and when it runs away, in rivulets across the page, where does it flow?

something to savour for today and tomorrow: local natives. ♥

(lovely video; it makes me nostalgic for last summer)

(inCREdible song. drums that echo running leaps without safe ground to land upon, and a chorus that....dare i say it?.....makes me dance.)

"i'll endure the night/ for the promise of light"......from the first song i ever heard of theirs...."and even if the morning never comes/ my hands are blessed to have touched the sun."


  1. This has the potential to be my new Weepies. And that's a BIG deal for me.

  2. yessssssss. i'm pretty obsessed with them. i also recommend "world news" and "sun hands." okay, i recommend every song of theirs.