Sunday, December 12, 2010

two roads diverged

(i love robert frost, but that's all i'm going to say about that poem)

okay, listen to THIS now (in another tab). then continue. this. is. my favorite song. in the universe. i force myself to wait between listenings.

i have been praying for and pleading for an epiphany, a new awakening. it's been too long. and i think i've found it, a little.

i can't tell you what it is.

maybe that's because i don't quite know what it is....yet.

i love being cryptic. don't you? no, i know, it's awful. so annoying. i know.

i'll know by the end of the month, though, and so will you. though i'm sure it won't be as monumental to you as it will to me.

i see two roads before me (immediate roads; we're ignoring the billions of eventual possibilities, for now). and, more than ever before, i love both of the roads. so much. i am entirely too excited at the possibility of either.

and maybe the best part of it all is this: i don't have to choose. HALLELUJAH! my year has been FAR too full of choices. such hard choices. and it is oh-so-liberating to think that it's not entirely up to me this time. i am going to do everything within my power to even the scale, and then it's up to Him to decide my future. and i trust His judgment a million times over my own.

this is good news.

and it's christmas.

and i love so many people. thank you for contributing to my glorious world. i want to tell very treasured your existence is. someday, somehow.

and i want to hear your tales of cheer. or sorrow. or hope, or longing, or passion, or humor. i want to hear your soul's song across this expanse.

life is so many things. having plans is overrated. at least for me.

this adventure is incredible. PAZOW!!!

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